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Peer Reviewed Journal Papers 

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Book Chapters (Forthcoming)

  1. Dikken, J., Marston, H.R., Pavolovski, D., & van Hoof, J. (forthcoming). The Rise of AI Chatbots in Education and Community Settings: Applications and Ethical Considerations. 
  2. Marston, H.R., Earle, S., Morgan, D.J., & Hadley, R.A. (forthcoming). Ethical Concerns and Risks Surrounding Dating Apps: Findings from a UK Covid-19 Study. 
  3. Marston, H.R., Evans, J., et al. (forthcoming). The Ethical Considerations and Role Technology Plays in Same Sex Care. 
  4. Marston, H.R. (forthcoming). What are the Ethical Considerations Regarding Social Media, Artificial Intelligence & in the After Life?. Chapter 12. In: K. Niles-Yokum & H.R. Marston (Eds.). Ethics and Aging: Cross Disciplinary Approaches. Cognella.

Book Chapters

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