Latest Publications

  • Marston, H.R., Morgan, D.J., Earle, S., & Hadley, R.A. (2023). Shiver Me Tinders and Ring a Ding for a Fling—Sex Tech Use during COVID-19: Findings from a UK Study. Healthcare; 11(6), 897;
  • Marston, H.R., Ko, P-C., Prabhu, V.G., Freeman, S., Ross, C., Sharaievska, I., Browning, MHEM., Earle, S., Ivan, L., Kanozia, R., Çalıkoğlu, H.Ö., Arslan, H., Bilir-Koca, B., Silva, P.A., Buttigieg, S.C., Großschädl, F., & Schüttengruber, G. (2023). Digital Practices by Citizens During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Findings From an International Multisite Study. JMIR Ment Health 2023;10:e41304
    doi: 10.2196/41304
  • Chidiac, M., Ross, C., Marston, H.R., & Freeman, S. (2022). Age and Gender Perspectives on Social Media and Technology Practices During the COVID-19 Pandemic. IJERP; 19(21), 13969;
  • Freeman, S., Marston, H.R., Ross, C., Morgan, D.J., Wilson, G., Gates, J., Kolochuk, S., & McAloney, R. (2022). Progress towards enhanced access and use of technology during the COVID-19 pandemic: A need to be mindful of the continued digital divide for many rural and northern communities. Healthcare Management Forum. doi:10.1177/08404704221108314
  • Marston, H.R., Morgan, D.J., Wilson-Menzfeld, G., Gates, J.R., & Turner, R. (2021). Written evidence [PTC0018]. The long-term impact of the pandemic on towns and cities. Published 6th July 2021.
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  • First study to assess technology use during COVID-19. (2020). Open University, 11th May 2020.