Count down….

It’s two days after St Patricks day, many would still be nursing a hangover, and in some cases, some may still be washing green paint off their bodies.

But 2020 is different.

Instead social media outlets and newspapers are wick with rumours.

As I was scrolling through my Facebook last night, I noticed a friends’ post (we shall call them Teddy) – stating a lock down was on its ways and wishing everyone good luck. As I started to read all of the additional comments to this post, many were mooting their scepticism about this fresh information. However, Teddys’ friend (aka Bertie) is in the military.

Now I’m assuming he is currently on standby somewhere. Citizens like Bertie and their colleagues do a fabulous job – they sign on to the dotted line to serve Queen and country; and over the last 20-30 years we have experienced many news outlets reporting of military action overseas, but younger generations are less likely to be familiar military efforts at home. However, the same news outlets that report on international war zones, have had a busy 2020 so far. Starting with the floods across the UK, the military were called in to help those citizens in West Yorkshire, placing sandbags against properties, and rescuing citizens and the most vulnerable from properties that were now entrenched with water.

The thread of scepticism continued, folk asking where this information came from, another stating this cannot be so, because schools are still open. Since 2006 many citizens have enjoyed the positives of Facebook and similar social media platforms because we can share information usually comprising of holiday photos and the obligatory ‘drinks’ photo at the airport. However social media has at times a tendency to share what some would say fake news or becomes wick with rumours.

I opened up an online UK newspaper, one that does not require a subscription and the first post/headline stated how London would be given 12 hours before a lock down.

Am I surprised that there is a pending lock down, starting in London and likely to wash across the UK with some ease – no not all. Reading the news articles and seeing the photos of public transportation social distancing is lost on some. However, I’m also curious as to why some are still travelling for work; with the exception of those who do need to go into work – the ‘key workers’. We’ve already witnessed panic buying in our grocery stores, and the images that illustrate how our older adults and most vulnerable are unable to pick up items on their shopping list. 

What we need to keep doing is to ensure life is and can go on as normal or as best as possible. Adhering to the information/guidance that is been circulated via our respective governments, and when we do have to go out, we respect social distancing, and wash our hands regularly.

Although I personally feel we’re actors (without RADA training) in some kind of apocalypse movie – and a bad one at that. I am not without my own concerns, been a 39- year old ex-smoker, with multiple food allergies, vegetables are a key part of my daily meals.

As Del Boy would say “Don’t worry, Rodney. This time next year, we’ll be millionaires!” – well citizens, this time next week we are going to be locked down.

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